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The ITECWiki site is intended to provide documentation about IT systems and projects to ITEC staff members and associated students and project members. Generally, access to wiki pages is restricted to authenticated users. ITECWiki accounts are available only to persons affiliated to ITEC. All ITEC staff members are invited to provide and improve content. Please login first and find more information about adding content to ITECWiki at the ITECWiki:Community_Portal page.

For requests and support regarding IT systems, please approach ITEC system administrators (SAs). They have split responsibilities as follows, but both should be able to help you with urgent requests.

Server maintenance window: To facilitate planning of maintenance operations and to decrease communication overhead, a regular maintenance window has been established that can be used by SAs to perform maintenance operations on servers and network services without further notification:
Friday, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. (every week)
Note that maintenance operations include rebooting servers. Please inform Mario Taschwer if you have long-running processes on a server that should not be interrupted during the maintenance window.

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